Books, paper, and pencils are essential elements of any good school, but we recognize that in today’s ever-changing world, technology holds an important place. We provide our students with the best of both worlds; traditional learning methods as well as the latest technology. Our curriculum follows framework laid out by the Common Core Standards, and we are blessed to have two computer labs to incorporate technology into student learning.

Our blended learning program accomplishes this combination and greatly contributes to the success of our students by mixing traditional classroom techniques with new technology to individualize student learning. This allows students to learn at their own pace and ability level.

Blended learning does not replace the teacher or the traditional classroom setting, but enhances it. Teachers are able to work one-on-one with students or in small groups while their peers continue to practice and strengthen their skills with the technology.

The New with the Old

Our school is equipped with a computer lab of 32 computers, mobile technology carts on each floor with iPads and ChromeBooks and smart TVs in grades PreK-8. The building is also outfitted with wireless internet which enables our students and teachers to utilize internet and state-of-the-art technology throughout the school.

The innovation lab is the most exciting addition to our school’s technology. Through a grant from ComEd, we have created a space where students can brainstorm, design, create and construct through a variety of media from paper flip charts to dry erase tables (you read that right, dry erase tables) LEGOs and K’NEX. We even have a green screen children can use with the iPads to go anywhere in the world.

In addition to all of our up-to-date technology, we employ classic resources from dry erase boards to books. This exposes our students that God’s gifts of knowledge and wisdom can be found in dustiest dictionary to the sharpest webpage. God is in the time-honored traditions of the past and the greatest discovieries of our day. We seek to use the technology we have, new and old, to reveal God’s presence in all things