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Frequently asked Questions

What is the current enrollment at St. Margaret of Scotland School?

We currently have 210 students for the 2023-2024 school year.  Over the past several years we have grown year by year  and adding a second preschool classroom.

What is the math curriculum used at St. Margaret of Scotland School?

  • Preschool-5th grade uses Everyday Math Curriculum, which was created by the University of Chicago.  Everyday Math focuses on teaching math knowledge, skills and basic facts.  There is an emphasis on explaining your thinking, showing your work and using different strategies to solve problems
  • 5th through 8th grade uses Big Ideas Math for Pre-Algebra to Algebra 1.  Our 5th through 8th grades are working on building the foundations for algebra and geometry in high school.

What is the reading and writing curriculum at St. Margaret of Scotland School?

We recognize that every student has different strengths and weaknesses and therefore needs different instruction than other students.  We use readers and writers’ workshop to reach all students.  Students are placed into groups of 3-5 students who have similar strengths and work one on one with the teacher a few times a week. Students will be reading and writing based on his/her ability.

What is the average class size at St. Margaret of Scotland School?

Average class size is 20 students.  Our goal is to have between 20-25 students in a class.  Preschool and Kindergarten classrooms have an assistant to help with the academic instruction.

What after-school activities are offered at St. Margaret of Scotland School?

Students are able to try new and different activities after-school.  We offer tutoring help, drama club, math club, science club, cheerleading, flag football, basketball and volleyball.

How do the students compare to other students on national tests?

St Margaret of Scotland School scores at or above the national average in most subjects.  The longer a student stays at SMOS the higher the test scores.  Our current 8th graders had the highest scores in the school.
  • Reading scored better than 62% of students nationally
  • Language scored better than 69% of students nationally
  • Math scored better than 60% of students nationally

Are there any scholarship or financial aid available at St. Margaret of Scotland School?

  • We strive to help every family afford our school.  We believe tuition is an investment in the school, and use that money to better the education of all students.  We understand that some families cannot afford the full tuition and we work with families to help find scholarships and financial aid.  We have a limited scholarship fund that families can apply for.  If you are interested in applying please speak with Mrs. Davis